My Review of Star Trek: Discovery

This article contains spoilers for all the episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

As a lover of good science fiction I was really happy to hear the announcement of Star Trek: Discovery. I have not watched all of old Star Trek. But from the few that I have watched (Mostly Star Trek: Then Next Generation), I have come to love the Trek universe and the way it handles science fiction.

Brand New Website!

My old website was formatted a lot like an online resume - something I feel doesn’t quite fit me any more after I decided to join a PhD program. So I decided to refresh my website deisgn into something that fit my current research interests. I also wanted a platform where I could blog about my work and personal projects. I’ve read blogs by many active researchers and I feel that the informal tone and nature of a blog allows more accessible explanations of research than formal journal/conference papers - where the language can often be very terse and full of jargon.