Brand New Website!

My old website was formatted a lot like an online resume - something I feel doesn’t quite fit me any more after I decided to join a PhD program. So I decided to refresh my website deisgn into something that fit my current research interests. I also wanted a platform where I could blog about my work and personal projects. I’ve read blogs by many active researchers and I feel that the informal tone and nature of a blog allows more accessible explanations of research than formal journal/conference papers - where the language can often be very terse and full of jargon. A few excellent research blogs that I was inspired by:

Like for my old website, I decided to go with a static website which allows me to host the site for free using Github pages. I used a static site generator called Jekyll. However, I found it a bit time consuming to use. I wanted to spend more time focusing on the content of the website and less on the setup. So I did a little research on other static site generators that I can use and came across Hugo. It seemed to have all the nice features that a static site generator should have. It works across all operatings systems, had a lot of free themes, was open source and most importantly was easy to set up. I was able to get a basic website generated in under two minutes by following their getting started tutorial. If you’re looking for a good static site generator, I highly recommend Hugo.

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