A Morning Walk Along The Rail Corridor

I’ve been doing early morning photo walks lately to replace my “wake up and scroll the phone” habit. In addition to getting a bit of exercise in I also get to see nice scenery and take photos! I live near one of the entrances to Singapore’s Rail Corridor. Today morning, I decided to walk along a section of it and take as many photos as I can.

I intended to wake up at 6.00 a.m., but it was 6.20 by the time I managed to shake off all my sleepiness. I was a little apprehensive about the weather as this week has been unusually rainy and cloudy. However, the sky was already light orange when I set out. Thin, wispy clouds stretched out across the eastern horizon. I took the shortest route to the main road from where I could see the sky. Majestic shafts of light were already shining through breaks in the cloud cover.

Shafts of light

I like this time in the morning when the sky is beginning to get lighter, but the streetlamps haven’t turned off yet. It feels like the lamps are clinging on to that last bit of night, hoping that it will last just a little longer.

The lamps were still shining, and the wispy clouds were casting shadows in the sky.

Dawn time skies have always embodied a sense of evanescence to me. The light and shadows changed every time I looked up. The shafts of light soon faded, and the sky brightened. I could see more of the golden morning light in the sky.

The lamps were still shining, and the wispy clouds were casting shadows in the sky.
The clock tower.

The air was cool but humid, and my glasses were covered in a permanent fog from mask-breath. Ferns, tall grasses, and overgrown vines lined the entrance to the rail corridor. Tall trees occasionally rose above the greenery. Skyscrapers and residential buildings towered above the trees on either side of the walkway. Some of the taller buildings were already beginning to catch a bit of sunlight. The waning gibbous moon was visible high in the sky, unobstructed by clouds. Despite its notoriety as a difficult subject to capture, my camera proved capable enough to capture some surface detail.

The moon was still bright in the sky.
Some of the surface detail on the moon is visible here.

A short walk brought me to a futuristic looking bridge that connected either side of the rail corridor. I noticed that the lamps were finally off. The morning was officially here.

Lamps are finally off. The morning is here.

The sun rose behind a building on the horizon. The sky was starting to get really bright, and its light was glinting off the glass windows on many nearby buildings.

The sun finally shows itself.
This plant looked really cool against the sunrise.

Singapore is generally hot, but mornings are occasionally cold enough for dew drops to form. Today was one of those mornings.

Many of the plants lining the road had dew drops clinking to the leaves.

By the time I reached the first exit on this section of the rail corridor, the sun had fully risen. That was my cue to get breakfast.

Bright blue sky.
Ashwin Narayan
Ashwin Narayan
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I am a PhD student at the National University of Singapore working with the Biorobotics research group

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