Ashwin Narayan

Ashwin Narayan

Roboticist | Blockchain Developer | Photographer

National University of Singapore


I am a PhD student at the National University of Singapore working with the Biorobotics research group in the Biomedical Engineering department. I do research on sensing and control methods for stroke rehabilitation robotics.


  • Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Human-Robot Synchronization
  • Real-Time Systems


  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 2021

    National University of Singapore

  • B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2016

    National Institute of Technology, Trichy



Research Engineer

National University of Singapore

Mar 2021 – Present Singapore

Responsibilities include:

  • Embedded System Design
  • Embedded Firmware Programming
  • Carrying out Biomechanical Studies on Exoskeletons

PhD Candidate

National University of Singapore

Aug 2016 – Present Singapore
Developed a motion intent detection strategy for lower limb stroke-rehabilitation exoskeletons.

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